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DNA Testing FAQ

Who is Paternity Testing Centres of Canada?
We are a 100% Canadian owned company trusted by many legal firms and social service agencies whom rely on the professionalism and integrity of our work. We offer personalized service and flexible work hours. Because we are based in Canada and serve all of Canada, we have very affordable prices.

What exactly is a paternity test?
A DNA Paternity test can be established by testing the child and the father to determine whether or not their genetic makeup is the same. This consists of a simple and painless procedure.

Is your paternity test accurate enough?
Paternity tests performed by Paternity Testing Centres of Canada provides clear unequivocal answers, If the presumed father is not the biological father the results will be 0%. If the presumed father is the biological father, the paternity will be confirmed with a minimum probability of 99.95%

How do I know which test is right for me?
If you are a potential father wishing to establish that said child is biologically your or not, then you need a paternity test.

If you are a mother wishing to establish that said child is biologically yours or not, then you need a maternity test.

If you are a potential sibling and wish to establish that you are biologically related to said child or not, then you need a siblingship test.

If you wish to use any of these tests in court then you must order the legal kit.

Is my DNA suitable for court?
Yes, A legal DNA test can be used in court as legal proof of paternity or lack there of. Identity verification must be established and witnessed by an impartial party at the time of testing.

What if the father and mother refuse to take the test?
If the potential father or mother refuses to take the test then, a close relative can be substituted. Please contact the staff at Paternity Testing Centres of Canada for more information. 1-877-777-4004

What if we live in different parts of the world or country?
Paternity Testing Centres of Canada have DNA testing kits all across Canada for your convenience. We can also send out our discrete kits to two or more different locations. We will assist you and help orchestrate the entire collections procedure and make this as simple as possible for you.

Is there any preparation required before the test?
Yes, please do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke, 30 minutes prior to the test (nothing by mouth)

What samples can be used for a DNA test?
Many different samples can be used for a DNA test. Which include, blood, semen, a previously used handkerchief,. Chewing gum, cigarette butts, underwear, condom, and items that may have bodily fluids on them. Please see our forensics page for non-standard samples.

How long will it take to receive my results?
Results will be received typically within 10 business days. Results will be received by whatever means you would prefer. Please if you have any special instructions call Paternity Testing Centres of Canada. 1-877-777-4004

Is it affordable?
Absolutely, test start as low as $350 for a standard DNA paternity peace of mind test.

Are the Results confidential?
Yes, all the circumstances around any of our tests, including the results obtained and all communication are strictly confidential.

Is it possible for a person to alter his or her DNA to falsify results?
No, lifestyle, age, use of drugs or alcohol, cannot alter your DNA (please notify us if you have had a bone marrow transplants)

What are some of the different reasons why a person might request a DNA test?

  • To see if a child is your offspring.

  • To look for a biological connection; father, mother, sister, aunt, etc, any type of biological relation

  • To contest a will.

  • To settle a dispute regarding child support.

  • Establish truth in any type of family dispute.

  • To resolve any doubt in your family tree, or to check for lineage.

Do you offer refunds?
Refunds are available to you after you submitted the payment up until either the test kit has been sent to you or the appointment has been booked depending on the test selected. After this point, no refunds will be offered.